Friday, July 31, 2015

The Normalest of Normals

The expression, "Normal is Boring" does not apply in my world. In fact, "Normalcy" rocks my universe. Last night was so freaking normal, I could almost cry. I am still so locked-up emotionally, the best I could manage was a small lump in my throat and a warm feeling in my heart.

Eldest will be leaving for college in 2 weeks. We need to start shopping for school clothes. Colin has been sprouting up a bit and could use some new clothing as well. My middle-son and husband had an event to go to. I decided to take the other two boys to a nearby outlet store.

We pulled up to the warehouse just in time for closing. I had thought the store was open later. We decided to go on to Great Clips, so Colin could get a much-needed haircut and then on to dinner.

After a bit of a debate with my eldest, we decided to go to Bob Evan's for dinner. Colin seemed to be in a relative calm mood and was fairly agreeable about our choice of venue. We had a relaxed dinner and the boys conversed about the upcoming school year. I was content to sit and bask in the aura of "normal-ness".

Toward the end of our meal, Eldest noticed a fellow summer "swim mom" at the counter getting take-out. We waved and she stopped by our table to say hello before leaving with her order. In addition to having a son, the same age of eldest, she also has a boy who was a former classmate and teammate of Colin. The fellow swim-mom is one of the few outside of our family who knew about Colin's story. She chatted for a few short minutes but did not speak directly to Colin.

I was amazed that my son hid any discomfort he may have had, as he tries to avoid anyone from his past to escape any uncomfortable questions. Even more remarkable is as I looked around, after our friend left, I noticed all the ceiling fans twirling around on the ceiling. I did not detect even the slight flinch or annoyance from my miso-son!

Last Weekend - Another Normalcy High

Adding to my "Normalcy High", was a couple of successful family outings last weekend.

Saturday night my husband, middle-son, Colin & I went to a late-night showing of  "Train Wreck". Not exactly the most family-friendly movie but I never claimed to be a great parent. On any day I will throw "Family Values" out the window in lieu of a slice of  "peaceful pie".

We arrived at the theatre early. Colin and his brother got a XXL bucket of popcorn and a couple of jumbo drinks as well. The boys like to add butter-flavored salt to their favorite movie treat. Apparently Colin was a little too generous with the salt which was centered in the pile of popped corn. I unknowingly grabbed a handful from the center and was rewarded with a mouthful of salt. The boys laughed as I grimaced and Colin offered me a sip of his drink. I was amazed at this gesture. We have come a long way!

(please note that movies are not an issue for us like other miso-families as mouth and eating noises do not seem to annoy my son)

Sunday afternoon, Colin, Sumter and I went out for a visit to my sister's house. Colin spent much of the time there playing video games with his cousin while the dogs played and I hung out by the pool with my sister and brother-in-law. We stayed for dinner before heading back.

What a difference a year makes. We are doing so much better than I ever dreamed possible. In a couple of short years I have gone from one of the most pitied parents in my parent support group to one of the luckiest.

I have no idea what the future holds and I am more than content to hang on to moments like these....

As always, we are a work-in-progress!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quiet Please... A Project Worth Supporting

Filmmaker Jeffrey Gould is undertaking a project to make a documentary about Misophonia and the toll it takes on lives, families and relationships. He is running a campaign for funding on IndieGoGo .

Please consider a donation to this worthy cause. There are some great Perks besides the ultimate goal of spreading awaremess!