House Rules

This is a list of rules for co-exisiting in the same house.

1. Room in the Basement - must be kept clean and free of food. During the week, t.v. must be off by 10:00 p.m.

2. Meals must be eaten in the kitchen with plates taken to the sink. We moved the refrigerator to the garage, no turning it off.

3. Conversation can be kept to a minimum but must be polite and civil. Yelling, growling or name calling is not o.k.  If you have a problem, either write a note or tell us in person.

4. Therapy will not continue if not desired as long as we can co-exist peacefully. Dentist and Pediatrician appointments are necessary.  

5. Personal hygiene is important and regular showers are required.

6. If we get a dog, there are conditions for ownership.
    a. Must be able to pick up poop on walks and help keep the yard clean.
    b. Dog must go for training
    c. Must help care for dog

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