Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life In Pictures

This past weekend was the NYC premier of "Quiet Please", a documentary of living with Misophonia by Jeffrey Gould. I wanted to attend but the cost and timing were less than ideal. So many of my virtual friends whom I have bonded with over this disorder were there. I had to settle for combing through FaceBook posts and photos to get glimpses of the weekend. The reviews were glowing and I can't wait to get my copy of the movie. The only complaint I heard about the weekend was there was not enough time to visit with everyone. That's what happens when there is so much awesomeness in one place. Everyone was left wanting more!

Action-packed Month

It has been a few weeks since my last post. The time has been action-packed.

Right before Memorial Day Weekend, my middle-son slipped and fell during a game of kickball at school. He fell backwards and tried to catch himself resulting in two broken wrists. While middle-brother was in the hospital waiting to have surgery to put a metal-plate and pins in one of the wrists,  Colin and his eldest brother had a dinner-dance fundraiser for the High School Jazz band they were to perform in; Colin on trombone, his brother on trumpet. Hubs stayed at the hospital while I went with the boys.

Through the wonders of technology, I was able to keep up with the surgery via texts while enjoying the dinner and band. Colin seemed to be in a good mood. He likes performing and was happy to have his eldest brother back from college. Colin also seemed to not mind ( dare I day enjoy) having his injured brother help put him in the center of attention as the group was buzzing about the medical drama.

Next came middle-son's High School graduation. This year we made sure to get to school early so we could get good seats. Last year, although we were on time, we were forced to watch from the 2nd floor balcony for eldest's  ceremony. Colin was a bit restless so I asked if he would like to use my camera to take pictures. He jumped at the chance and took over 100 photographs! It made my heart happy to see my son still had his passion for photography.

Over this past weekend, Colin borrowed the disc from my camera to download and edit some of the pictures. I was able to sit nearby and was asked for my opinion on some of the edits. It almost felt like old times, before Misophonia damaged our relationship. I live for times like this.

Picture me with a smile on my face! 

More Surgery

Colin had his finals the week after his brother's graduation. When he was done, at the end of the week, he had surgery on his ear to close up the hole.  I was a bit concerned due to his wonky sleep schedule. Days and nights were almost completely reversed. Colin was playing video games until 5 or 6 in the morning and then going to sleep for most (if no all) of the day.

The day of his surgery, Colin did not get to sleep until between 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. and had to get up by 10:30 a.m. to go to the hospital. His surgery was around 2:00 and went relatively well. The only real issue came when it was time to wake up to go home. The nurses had a hard time waking Colin up. He was the last surgery of the day and they wanted to go home; a groggy Colin was not in such a hurry.

While recovery was fairly speedy, Colin decided to skip his brother's graduation party the next day. He was worried that there would be some guests that he went to middle-school with. Colin still has much shame and embarrassment from the year he abruptly left to live with his aunt and transfer to a school close to her home.

At least he had a good excuse to stay home and take care of the dog.

Starting the Summer Off on The Right Foot

Cross Country practice has started and Colin seems to have gotten his sleep schedule back on track. I had mentioned to him last week that I was concerned how he would be able to manage working, going to practice and perhaps taking a class or two. (Summer Gym and Trombone lessons).

My son told me that I should not be concerned and that soon his days would be back on track. It looks like he was correct. Monday morning, Colin was up and ready to go to practice. Unfortunately the lifeguard job he thought was lined up, was no longer open by the time he emailed the aquatics director over the weekend.

Fortunately this was not a setback for Colin. He said that this would open up his time for other activities and his middle-brother told him he would try to get Colin a job at his pool in late July when kids start going back to College.

I also checked into a pool that is close to his High School. They take guards at age 15 but all positions are filled at the moment. I was advised to have Colin put an application on file in case things open up in a month or so. I emailed a link to my son.

It seems like things will all work out.

As always..... we are a work-in-progress!