Wednesday, January 25, 2017

And Then There Was One

Yesterday morning I found a text from Colin on my phone:

"Pfffffff. Being the only child in this house is like having a swimming lane to yourself. Have fun in college, I will be making my way through high school"

 Colin had sent this message to his brothers Monday night. His middle-brother went back to school on Sunday, leaving him as the only child at home.

The Last Supper ( before middle-son went back to school )

Saturday night hubs and I took Colin and his brother out for a nice dinner. It is a tradition to take our boys out for a meal before they go back to school. The guest of honor picked one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We had a lovely meal and everyone was in a great mood.

When dinner was over and we were waiting for the check, Colin started to collect the dishes around him and stack them.  As he started to stack the glasses, both middle-son and I told Colin to stop as it was unnecessary and they might get stuck.

I pointed out the irony that he never clears his plates at home but somehow is able to do this in a restaurant. To which Colin replied, " well then I'd be helping YOU." with a smirk on his face. I responded with an "Ouch! That hurt!"  Hopefully it was all in jest. On the way home, I did mention that I was still hurt. It was our joke of the evening.

Back at home when the boys were out of earshot, both hubs and I remarked that this was the best dinner in years. Colin has come a long way and things are feeling normal again.

As always..... We are a work-in-progress!


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