Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2 - Hatred and Anger

 Why Does Your Son Hate You?

When asked why he is so angry at his parents, Colin will say we are evil. He claims that we have been telling everyone he is crazy and we put him in a psychiatric hospital to punish him.

Colin also wants nothing to do with his brothers. My middle-son, the brother he used to share a room and and was closest to is considered a "Spy" for us, after asking too many personal questions. Our oldest son, who helped restrain Colin during an out-of-control car trip has been accused of beating him up as per parental instructions.

Our son is also angry because we  wouldn't "stay out of his business". We were asked to not cross a line which we did. Colin told us that he did not want to be psychoanalyzed or taken to doctors for his sound issues. He felt he could handle things on his own and we disagreed.

There's a locked box of thoughts tucked away in Colin's mind. We made the mistake of trying to pry it open. We had to try. We are terrified not knowing what is going on in our son's head. Why won't he let us help? Clearly his sound "allergies" are affecting the quality of his life. Even in retrospect, I'm not sure we could have done things much differently.

Colin seems to be doing much better at his aunt's house and has admitted to her that 50% of his rages were in reaction to trigger sounds and 50% were to get back at us. He told his aunt that the meltdowns at the Neurologist's office and the extreme raged attack on my husband at the Psychiatrist's office were to embarrass us.

I doubt he has any idea of how severe his outbursts were. I also don't see how anything we have done warrants this type of vitriol. The "black box" in our son's mind holds the answers to these mysteries for which I hope we will one day have some answers.

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