Friday, August 22, 2014

The "Bro" Code

This morning I happened to see Colin's trombone by the front door and asked my eldest if there were Jazz Band tryouts today. He replied that there might be. I followed up with "Is Colin trying out today?" to which the reply was "You don't need to know".

I stopped my line of questioning and continued to get ready to go to work.

Later this morning my husband called to see how the morning went. He was still in bed when we all went out the door. I told him about the "trombone incident".

Hubs has surmised that our two older boys have been told by their baby brother to not tell us about his activities. My 16 year old had relayed this recently to his dad.

I have noticed my middle son getting testy when I asked how Colin was doing in school. His standard reply has been, "I don't know and I don't care!" I have found this response troubling until put into the context of "The Bro Code" this morning.

I guess I will operate under the "Need to Know" principal and expect that I will be told about school when I need to know.

I'm oddly o.k. with this.

As always.....

We are a Work-In-Progress!

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