Thursday, October 30, 2014

Important Research that Needs Our Support

Early in our wild ride, I remember asking our psychologist why "Misophonia" is under the umbrella of Audiology. I was confused why this was not considered a Neurological issue. I couldn't understand why the medical community was not involved in helping to find answers.

He explained that the magic key comes down to money. Research can not happen without funding. Several months ago, I stumbled upon a study that I found exciting. New technologies are able to see much more detail of our brains. There is evidence of a biological basis for Sensory Processing Disorders of which I believe "Misophonia" to be part of. 

I reached out to Dr. Marco, a neurologist who is heading this study. I was excited to see a Neurologist doing the type of research that can help children like Colin. I asked to be kept in the loop when the crowd-funding campaign kicked off to provide funding for ongoing research.

Last night I received an email from her:

“I am afraid for my grandson because he will be considered a behavior problem instead of a child who "feels" the world differently.”—Grandma Nancy 
Dear Bonnie,
After the publication of our brain imaging study showing clearly different brain connectivity for children with sensory processing differences (SPD), we began receiving an outpouring of support from families and friends of children and adults with sensory differences. The words of encouragement were moving and invigorating for our entire team who is working to understand the genetics, brain connectivity, cognitive and behavioral challenges, and most especially treatment for our affected kids. After hundreds of emails and over 50,000 hits to the UCSF article describing our first publication, we realized it was time to reach out and see if we could find grass roots financial support for our work. The research is expensive and as you know, the medical and funding community is just beginning to embrace the need for research in this field.

So, as October is national Sensory Awareness Month, we are kicking off a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for UCSF’s sensory processing research program.

I desperately need your help in spreading the word. If everyone who read the first article gave $25 dollars, we would have enough resources to forever change the way we care for children with sensory differences.  Here is the link to the crowdfunding site: 

I hope that together, we can raise the money to make a difference.

Yours truly,

Elysa Marco, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Associate Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Pediatrics

For less than 1 cent per day ($25 donation) you can help promote the type of research that I believe is key to unlocking the mysteries of "Misophonia". Please consider supporting this project as well as sharing this link.

Help UC San Francisco raise $50,000 for the project: Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders Need You.

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