Thursday, October 23, 2014

Miso Mysteries

Last night as I watched Colin turn on the family room ceiling fan before settling down in front of his laptop, I had to do a double-take to make sure my eyes did not deceive me. This can't be so. I watched the spinning blades as they sped up indicating the fan was turned ON not off like I expected. Last year he was not able to be in a room with an active fan and would constantly turn them off. This is the first time I witnessed him turning one on.

It is a real mystery as to what of my son's former triggers still bother him. I'd love to know how he is coping.
I can tell when he is agitated or in a bad mood. The "Shut-Up" s, "Go Kill Yourself"s and telling the dog to kill me are quite prolific. I wonder if he channels his rage into hate toward my husband and I. He has told his brother that he will never forgive us for his stay at the Psych Hospital and all he was put through the past year. My goal of Colin taking "ownership" of his issues will not be happening anytime soon. He is a smart boy and my guess is that while he may have overcome some of his triggers, he knows better than to show any reaction for fear of a repeat of last year.

The good news is that he is coping much better than we could have dreamed.

One Mystery Solved

I had noticed that lately Colin had been spending a lot of time upstairs in the family room instead of his room in the basement. He even has been falling asleep on the family room couch. I had thought that this was progress; that he wanted to spend more time among the family. I even dared to hope that he wanted to be around his parents. My husband thought that perhaps now that the heat is on due to the cool Fall weather, his insulated room can get pretty warm. There also was the theory that the internet connection is better upstairs.

My middle son debunked those theories. Apparently we have some giant Ninja centipedes that disappear as quickly as they appear. Colin had an encounter with one in his room that disappeared behind his dresser, never to be found. My middle-son told me he had one crawl over his foot while in the "gaming section" of the basement. When asked how big these creepy-crawlers were, he held out his hands, a foot apart.

While this was an exaggeration and the bugs were more like 3 - 6 inches, the "creep-out" factor remains firmly planted. This is why Colin has been hanging out in a common area amongst the family.

I may have found a new therapy! Using insects to keep Misophonia in check.


As always...

We are a work-in-progress!!!!

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