Saturday, November 16, 2013

No News Is Good News?

I have not heard anything about Colin since Tuesday morning. The last I heard is that Colin was to drop French and be put into a STEM (science ) class. He now should be able to sleep later and not have to take the early bus to the High School. This should help lower everyone's stress levels.

One of the hardest aspects of this "Sound Sensitivity" disorder, is all of the uncertainty. What will set Colin off? What is going on in his head? Will he learn to cope? How can he be helped? Will we be able to reconcile? Why, Why, WHY?!!!  It is important to take things day by day.

It is also very stressful having to answer the same questions over and over. Everyone wants to weigh-in and help. Sometimes it can feel like we are being judged as parents and constantly "second guessed". Now my sister has this added stress to her life. It is hard for us to have a conversation without getting into heated discussions. We have reversed roles. She is now the parent of our child and we sit helplessly by the sidelines wanting to help. This is not something she signed up for but has stepped up to the plate as our options were pretty grim. For this we will be eternally grateful.

For the time being, I am backing away and letting my sister contact me with any updates or issues. I will maintain "radio silence" and learn to let go. This is my busy season at work which is helping keep my mind otherwise occupied. It does not do anyone any favors by continuing to worry.

We have less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. We have no idea what will happen by then. I will just be thankful for today and assume that "No news is good news".

We are a work-in-progress.

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