Saturday, November 2, 2013

Photo Walk and Village People


Report From Family Friend Amy to P's home around 4...and Colin and I took our cameras around the neighborhood and took pics for about 1 1/2 hrs! 

Then we came back and looked at our pics, and edited some, and traded emails...he wanted to of course show me all his thousands of pics...but I was not willing to go the long stopped that after a while..We had a good time. 

At one point, he got out his laptop and was showing me pics...his screen saver is you at work...and I did say "You know, she loves you alot"...and he said..."no"...and then asked me like "how is it going'...obviously to change gears...I have some pics I will send you...we had fun. 


He did say his aunt is "cool"!


It Takes A Village  


My sister is blessed to have a nice group of friends and neighbors. I used to joke that we resembled the family in "The Middle" and my sister's neighborhood was similar to Wisteria Lane in "Desperate Housewives" ( without the murders and nefarious activities ). Their house tends to be a hub for gatherings and constant visitors. 

Aunt P has enlisted some of her neighbors to help be extra "eyes" to make sure Colin is doing o.k. at school, on the bus, and in the neighborhood. Our friend Amy, who shares a love of photography, and has the same camera as Colin, has offered to go on "photo walks" with him.

The first one, which took place yesterday (see report above) seems to have gone very well. Amy also emailed a bunch of photos she took. Colin looks happy and seems to be having fun. He also started to use his laptop that his dad dropped off the day before. This was one of the items from home he had rejected. Funny what a difference a day makes. He needs his computer to be able to view and process photos. 

As tough as this experience has been on all of us, I am encouraged that for now, we seem to be moving in the right direction. 

We are a work-in-progress.

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