Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Milestone-Breakthrough-Minor Miracle

Post To Parent Support Group - Sunday, June 8 at 10:19pm

So today has been a weird day. Last night I took care of feeding and walking the dog as Colin was refusing to let me speak to him and did not feed the puppy when I asked. (he said he was responsible and would do so, but I was not willing to wait to find out as it was getting late for dinner).
Yesterday my middle-son turned 16 and was gone most of the day and night. This morning I promised to go with my Birthday Boy to Tim Horton's to buy donuts. He asked Colin if he wanted to go and he said yes. The 16 year-old has his learner's permit so he drove and I was careful not to look at or speak with Colin. My miso-son later came with me and his puppy to PetSmart to pick up a few more things. We had a few tense moments where I was either given a look or asked not to speak to him. Other than that really not so bad. Again I was careful not to make eye contact and kept conversation to bare minimum.
During the day he has been good about taking the dog out for "Potty" and cleaning up an occasional accident. Colin ate in the kitchen and seemed a bit more normal as long as we did not overdo the contact.
Later that day, I was shocked that when his 16 year old brother asked if he wanted to come out and join us for dinner (16 y.o.'s birthday), Colin agreed. There were ceiling fans in the restaurant but the only distress my son showed was if I made eye contact he would glare at me. (I did get growled at once or twice before and after the restaurant - made me think of The Exorcist).
Right now my middle son is playing video games in the basement with Colin. It seems like Colin is trying to rekindle his friendship with his brother.
I moved the dog crate to Colin's room and told him the dog could sleep there if he is able to leave the dog in for the night at bedtime. I'm not too concerned as the floor is linoleum with a $100 carpet remnant for a rug.
Much more progress in just a day than expected. I know we will have our challenges and setbacks but tonight I want to wallow in amazement and gratitude. It could have and should have been so much worse.
Time for cake soon!
Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts!

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