Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday Evening Vet Visit

We had a Monday evening vet visit and I made sure to get home from work a little early to leave plenty of time to get there. It was time for his 3rd round of Lepto-Parvo Distemper... shots. We need these shots plus a couple of weeks before Sumter is cleared for being out at dog parks and in public.

Colin was being surly and after a couple of "Shut-ups", I told him that if he is going to speak to me like this, he can stay home. I took my time gathering up the puppy's accoutrement for the car ride and visit to give Colin a chance to come along. When I did not see any evidence my son was ready, I went alone with the pup.

The vet-tech took Sumter to be weighed, and came back announcing he was 17 lbs. (2 lbs more than last visit). She asked if we had another dog at home as it was noticed that he looked a bit "chewed up". I explained about the weekly play-dates at my sister's house.

The vet noticed several hematoma on the inside edges of Sumter's ears and suggested that we have those drained to prevent scarring and deformation. I agreed and could hear my baby yelping as his blood blisters were drained. I was told to keep Sumter away playing with the other dogs for 3 weeks to give his ears a chance to heal. He was then given a nasal vaccine as well as a shot in his rear.

His next appointment was made and then we went home for dinner.

Health Scare

After dinner, I took the puppy out for his "potty break". I started to notice that he was becoming a bit lethargic. Sumter came in and slurped up more water so I knew I'd be back outside in another half-hour.

When I lifted Sumter up over the baby-gate for the next "potty" he yelped in pain. It seemed like his under-side was very tender. He was moving very slowly and would plop to the ground every few minutes. He also was not peeing or pooping as usual.

After a coversation to the on-call vet, I found out that it is not unusual for a dog to have a reaction like this after the shots. If he was not improved by morning, we should bring him in.

Fortunately the next day, Sumter was recovered and back to his hyper-puppy self.

We are a work-in-progress!

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