Monday, June 9, 2014

About Last Week

A lot has happened in the past week and I've been a bit overloaded. I am a week behind in my posting so bear with me.

After our first breakthrough on Saturday night, May 31, Colin went back to his "selective mutism" and avoidance where I was concerned. Sunday morning, I left a message about Lennox, the puppy Colin found on PetFinders. I heard back later that morning that he was already adopted out. The rest of the day, my nephew ran interference giving me Colin's other choices for me to inquire about. My son also sent emails to the rescue groups.

 While many parents might have taken their child back home as per their request, I did not bring my son home on Sunday. For starters, his new room in the basement was not yet finished and our psychologist was on vacation. Before he left, we set the end of the week for Colin's homecoming. I'd been advised to stick to a schedule.

With that in mind, we kept to Monday evening's scheduled appointment with his therapist (the psych intern) and my husband. Colin also stuck to his routine of ignoring the therapist and running away from his dad.

I spent the day at work and came back to my sister's house after the session was over and Colin was in his room. I had dinner with my sister and her family and wrote a note to Colin about "Donie", his second choice puppy, to let my son know that he was still available and that our application was in the running.

Before I retired to my room, I slipped the note under the door, only to hear it being ripped up.

Oh well,... tomorrow is another day. 

Tuesday, I got up early for my commute and went to work. I left work a little early to avoid the worst of rush hour and got back to my temporary home right before dinner. My sister and I picked up Wendy's and I opted to eat outside to avoid conflict with my son.

My sister went up to Colin's room to have him come down to dinner and to alert him that I would be eating "al fresco" so that he could eat in the kitchen without my presence. My son told my sister that he wanted to talk to me.

Post to Parent Support Group - June 4

Last night my son spoke to me for the 2nd time. I've been keeping my distance as to not overwhelm him. When my sister told me that my son wanted to speak to me, I wasted no time going to his room.
From his angry glare, I could tell he was pissed-off. He started off with an angry rant about no more therapy (his therapist & my husband showed up for the weekly session on Monday.) Needless to say he was not cooperative in what will most-likely be the last therapy session for now

The rest of the rant was about the conditions for being able to speak with him. (Political Emergency, we're going on a week-long vacation, I have news about his dog....) When I tried to ask a question (What constitutes a Political Emergency?) He interrupted and barked, "I said NO TALKING!".
All I could think of was the Somali pirate in "Captain Phillips" telling Tom Hanks, "Look at me! I'm the Captain now!".
I was then dismissed.
I will be working on a "Peace Accord" tonight where I will hammer out our conditions, "We will..... if you......" ‪#‎Funtimes‬ ‪#‎ReconcilliationIsAProcess‬ ‪#‎MisoPeaceAccords‬

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