Monday, September 21, 2015

Change of Pace

This has been a busy weekend with an interesting development.

Friday Night Lights 

Friday capped off a largely uneventful week, other than I've had to drive Colin more than normal due to a few scheduling conflicts. By Friday, I felt like a well-seasoned taxi driver with a record of four round trips in one day to the High School.
Trip 1: Boys running late and Middle Brother did not have enough time for drop off on his way to his morning off-campus classes.
Trip 2: Pick up after school. Colin had cross-country practice and his brother had to go to a piano lesson.
Trip 3: Drop Colin off to his school's Friday Night Football Game. This theme was "Black Out" where the clothing was to be all black. My son looked like a ninja other than his black & white striped knit cap. (he couldn't find his black one).
Trip 4: Pick up from football game

The benefit to all this driving is that Colin has been more chatty lately and I get to learn more about school. The most interesting tidbit is that he wants to start wearing his glasses again as he realizes he needs them to see in class. He is far-sighted and probably needs them for reading and seeing up close. This might be effecting his test-taking abilities...

Saturday On the Run

I woke up to take care of Sumter to find Colin sleeping on the living room couch again. I've caught two crickets (one in his room, another just outside his door) in a week. They seem to be getting in the basement through some gaps in the foundation and floorboards and disturbing my son. When Colin has been staying in his room at night he rolls up a blanket to block the crack under the door.

The race that Colin was in did not start until 12:30 and for the first time this season, he added two minutes to his time for a PW of the year. (personal worst). A few factors may have affected his performance. He ate poorly the night before and loaded up on donuts at the game. He went to bed around 2:00 and did not get enough sleep. After the race Colin had complained about getting a cramp mid-way through the race.

Upon coming home, he passed out as usual. Later that evening he fell asleep in our bathroom with the lights and fan running. This has been a relatively recent phenomenon.

The bathroom fan used to be a trigger sound but now it does not seem to effect him. The past several weeks upon coming home from running practice, he will fall asleep for a few hours in the bathroom after taking his shower. My middle-son will nap for the same amount of time in his room. The boys then will wake up between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. for a late dinner and then homework. It is a hard cycle to break.

Sunday Morning

Upon waking up early Sunday Morning, we noticed that someone was in our bathroom; we could hear the fan running and see the light from under the door. Hubs woke up Colin, helped him off the floor and asked if he would like to lay down in his Eldest brother's room. He groggily replied in the affirmative. Dad assisted in walking him down the hall and onto his brother's bed where he fell back into his sleep-coma. This was the first time since he has been home and probably in three years since he has slept in a bed!

Late that morning I checked in to see if he wanted to go to the Parade of Homes (new home tour) with us. To which he replied no and went back to sleep.

Early that evening when I finally saw my son again, he was still in his pajamas. He meandered about, snuggled the dog and had a meal (not sure if it was breakfast, lunch or dinner). I asked if he had done his laundry and he grunted a bit. I asked if he needed help to which he replied, "Maybe". I offered to do his laundry and he took me up on it.

For some reason this made me happy. This was a way I could show my motherly love and by letting me help him,  in some strange way, I felt loved back.

As always.... we are a work-in-progress.

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