Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Summer has unofficially come to a close with the celebration of Labor Day and a three day weekend. Even though the weekend was pretty low-key, it went by pretty quickly. And thankfully peacefully.

Friday afternoon eldest got a ride back home from his roommate's family. He has now completed two weeks of college. Colin and his middle-brother arrived home an hour or so later and began their preparations for another Friday Night Football game at their school. This time the theme was a Hawaiian one. We had to take a trip out to my work where I was storing leis, and tropical party supplies left over from their brother's graduation party. They were wearing sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts that I bought them to wear for Eldest's party. They looked pretty cute and I could not help but smile.

Saturday was another cross country meet. Colin had a slightly tough time getting up that morning and slept for the half-hour ride to the course. He did well and shaved a tiny bit of time off his prior weeks' performance. Afterwards we went straight home and he fell into another "sleep coma".  I did not see much of him for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning, Hubs, Eldest, Colin and I went to Bob Evan's for breakfast. Middle-son had his last day of the year at his life guarding job and was unable to join us. We had a nice meal and Colin seemed happy to catch up with his brother about life away at college. He did not seem to take notice of all the ceiling fans whirling about. Upon our return home, we all went about our tasks for the day. Hubs continued work on the kitchen, I did some yard work then took eldest out to run a few errands and Colin retreated to his room, presumably for some video games.

Sunday evening, Hubs, Middle-son and Colin went to see the Minion Movie while Eldest and I stayed behind. The boys seemed to have a nice evening out and were in good spirits.

All good things must come to an end. Monday afternoon, I drove Eldest and his roommate back to school; a four hour round trip.  When I returned, I found that brotherly love had momentarily run out and there was a bit of a disagreement brewing. Middle-son was angry at Colin and hid his laptop. I inquired about the offense. Turns out it was pretty minor. Colin was in the bathroom and refused to answer a question that his brother yelled through the door. He may have either shushed or told his brother to shut-up. I can't blame my son for wanting to take care of "business" in peace. Middle-son was angry at what he thought was disrespect.

I  firmly asked what he did with his brother's computer and was told it was in the basement. I gave Colin 5 minutes to find it and if he could not, I would intervene. When I went downstairs to check, Colin claimed he did not find it. I looked and could not see it either, even when being told the hiding spot.

I demanded that my older boy come down immediately and fetch it. When he angrily marched down to show me where he put his brother's computer, it was not where he left it. He then went to Colin's room to face his sneaky younger sibling. I trailed behind.

Although Colin was wearing an innocent expression, it was clear he found and re-hid his laptop to get back at his brother. All I could do was shake my head... and be thankful that this was a normal sibling tiff.

As always.... we are a work-in-progress!

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