Friday, August 30, 2013

Miso Skip Day

Post to Parent Support Group  August 30 at 11:24am
Today is shaping up to be a very challenging day.
 Apparently while getting ready for school, something triggered my son as he was getting his clothes. He stopped what he was doing, stripped and locked himself in the bathroom. He told my husband that, "I just can't do this".
 Apparently the air conditioners at school are also a problem. This is the first day he has skipped school and the first we heard about any triggers at school. I went home and brought him back to my work. (not an easy thing to accomplish) I have my own business and am working alone today. 
My husband has a doctor's appointment and will come fetch our son later in the day. This should be interesting as I can not run the air for now and have him in the middle room with the lights out to calm him. He has a flashlight and some water. I set the air to 90 and warned my son that at some point I will have to run the air. He is letting me run a fan in my office for now. #IneedaXanax

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