Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Great Escape

 Post to Parent Group: August 31 at 4:41pm
Day 1 of Neurofeedback did not go so well.
 In an effort to remain truthful to my son. I tried to explain the real purpose of my friend making a home visit with NFB equipment. He right away said he will not do this and went down the basement to watch tv. I let my son chill out until my husband came home an hour before the appointment.
 I had my husband take my son out to play ball or frisbee so I could run the air conditioner and vacuum the house. When it was time to come back, my son ran off to avoid the session. I had hubs come home so he and my middle son could learn how to use the equipment. 
I went driving around, frantically looking for my 12 year old. As I was cruising around, I saw the police chief who lives in our neighborhood outside in his yard and stopped to see if he saw my son. I explained the situation. At this point I am not 100% sure my son will not harm himself and decided to enlist the police to help find him. 
I now have an "elevator speech" * for Misophonia and the police now have his information and photo in their system. We did find my son walking around and got him home after the OT had left but at least we have a system at home and 2 people who may know how to administer. My Miso-son is holed up in the bathroom spewing hate-messages but at least he is safe for now. (until he triggers "the Hulk syndrome in Mom" and all bets will be off.)

* "My son has a neurological disorder called Misophonia. It is a sound-processing disorder where certain noises trigger a reaction similar to PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome. #MisoElevatorSpeech #therapyavoidance #gettingvalueforyourtaxdollars
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  1. I am hurting for your son and for all of you as you try to figure out how to cope. I'm sure you're so grateful for the support group - a constant reminder that you're not alone.

    1. Thanks, Terri! Having support groups to turn to has been my saving grace.