Monday, August 26, 2013

Just Another Brick in the Wall

Post  From Parent Support Group - August 26

WARNING: Long Rant Ahead: 
We worked hard all weekend to get the loft converted into a 4th bedroom. I spent $$$ at Lowes & JC Penney purchasing various curtain rods, curtain tracks and curtains. We are 90% done and the room is looking sharp; which is more than I can say for the rest of the house (which is littered with furniture and crap from our formal communal space). My 2 older boys have commented how quiet the loft seems now and even admitted that the new room looks good. I still want to add curtains around the bottom bunk bed to create a sleeping chamber. 

My 12 year old Miso-son has maintained he will not sleep there. I even took him out to a nearby driving range that is a 2 mile drive from our house to give my husband a chance to vacuum, put the air on and run the laundry machine. Getting there was a nightmare, even for a short distance. About the half-way point my son wanted me to turn around. I did not. When we got to the golf course, I turned off the car and waited things out. When we finally got to the driving range, his entire demeanor changed. For a glorious 90 minutes, he appeared to be his old-normal. He even asked if we could stop by my work (about 1 mile away) to get cardboard for a school project. 

The car ride back home was the same. "Hurry!" "Drive faster" with lots of moans. Shortly after arriving home, something set him off again. He retreated to the first-floor half-bath and even tried to take his dinner in there to avoid the hum of the fridge. (He was going to make a PB&J sandwich.) I had enough and pointed out (probably a big mistake) that he should be able to eat at the kitchen table. "How is it that you can sleep on the family room couch (or on the floor behind it)? This is only a few feet from the table." 

Well last night we left him downstairs in the living room (which is below the loft). My husband made 2 comfortable sleeping areas there. (one on a couch and one on the floor). He refused to take any medicine (Benedryl, which I took instead) so we left him wearing his headphones and blanket, looking like a green ghost. 

We found him in the morning half-standing, slumped over the couch. It did not look comfortable. Somehow he was able to get it together to go to school. (He still likes school. Thank God for small miracles). We have a call into the Psychologist (that he refuses to see). I also found a NeuroFeedback Center in the area that my husband will call today.

 It is so frustrating that my son will not communicate what is happening with him and clings to his story that he is "Fine". 

 In a few short weeks I went from "the Best Mom in the World" and "I love you mom" to one of "You People". As in "Why are YOU PEOPLE doing this to me?" or " I hate YOU PEOPLE". or "You are Terrible People".   Sometimes things are so bizarre, I find bits of humor in our situation. (There are times you need to laugh to keep from crying). The worst part of this disorder has already been mentioned numerous times by all my new "Miso-Friends". Other than support groups like this one, the general public, as well as most doctors, do not understand Misophonia. 

A big THANK YOU to all here for letting me rant! 

*Rant over and back to work.*

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