Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No News Isn't Always Good News

I called my sister this morning to find out how yesterday's session went with "the observer" (the cognitive behavioral psychologist intern). I knew that the meetings were going to get more intense and push Colin more.

It was not unexpected to hear that things did not go well. Aunt P is now involved in the meetings. The idea is to start to have Colin earn his privileges by completing small assignments. He needs to address his issues and start to open up.

The first order of business was to clear up the matter of length of stay. Colin was under the impression that he would be at his new home until he was 18. Aunt P informed him that he would be returning home after the school year. Colin was not happy and said that he would rather be put in foster care and will not go back to his parents.

The next part of the session was to get Colin to start talking about why he is at his aunt's house. He pretty much shut things down early. He was not interested in "earning" his X-Box time or any other perks and left the room. My nephew came storming down in disbelief that the game system would be removed from Colin's room until he would start cooperating. A large part of Colin's free time is spent on this system.

The "observer" left early and said she would email a worksheet for Colin to complete. The X-Box was removed for now. The worksheet is a simple page for Colin to list noises that bother him. It should take a very short time to fill out. My sister told me she planned to give this to Colin after school and if he filled it out, she would put the system back.

My husband will speak with our psychologist tomorrow for a briefing. I decided to not tell him about today's conversation with my sister. He is very sensitive and each setback tears him apart. I'm sure the CBT will be able to relay the report in a less upsetting manner.

In another day, my middle son will meet with our psychologist. Thursday is also the day my sister's college freshman will be returning home for break. Hopefully this will bring some relief. It is hard to take things day by day without a clue what the future holds.

Time for bed and to put all of this to the back of my mind.

We are a work-in-progress!

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