Monday, September 2, 2013

Mother of the Year!

 Post to Parent Group: September 2 at 9:23am
WARNING. Long Rant #2: I am one step away from Children's Services!!!!
Last night I took my son to the movies so my husband could run the air conditioner. The movie complex is between 4 - 5 miles from our home. I was a bit concerned as the car ride is a trigger and didn't know how my son would do at the theater. He assured me he would be fine.
 As we parked, I told my 12 year old that I needed a favor. He loves photography and I asked him if he would photograph me trying out the Neurofeedback machine later so I can show people in my group(s) how it works. He said "NO WAY. I'm not going near that machine" (he's afraid this is a way to psychoanalyze him and won't let me explain.) I dropped the subject and we proceeded to the ticket window. 
The original movie we were planning to see was "The Butler" but he really wanted to see " We're the Millers" which is rated R.  I made a deal that if I would let him see this totally inappropriate movie, he would take the pictures for me later that night. On the way in to the movie, we saw one of the police officers who helped look for my son the day before. There was an awkward exchange of "Hellos" as we entered the movie where he was the youngest child there.
 After the movie we realized we didn't eat dinner (it was now after 9:00 pm.) and decided after I got gas for the car, we would go to Wendy's. 
Almost immediately the car ride started to trigger my son. I barely made it to the gas station. Change of plans! There were several fast food places in the same center as the gas station. My son chose Tim Hortons. We hung out in the parking lot where he had 2 donuts and a fruit smoothie for dinner (AWESOME nutrition!) I just had a fruit smoothie. 
After the final 2 miles home, my son retreated to his new bedroom (& safe place) AKA the 1st floor half-bath. This is shaping up to be a contest as to who will be hospitalized first: the kid or me. I do plan to collect on my deal later today and will post pictures of our NFB system if all goes well. Not sure what movie I will watch. Maybe YaYa Sisterhood?
 My 15 year old warned me not to use a comedy as the system trains you not to react and I might (god forbid) lose my sense of humor. Apparently the movie he used was Zoolander and the screen shrunk at every gag or sexual innuendo. My middle-son thinks I should use a horror film 'cause it wouldn't be so bad if the screen shrunk at the scary parts. Stay tuned......

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