Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Post to Parent Support Group - Thursday, Oct. 24
Today is the day my son will be released from the Psych hospital. I'm not sure how much progress has been made. He is still refusing medication. He will be going home with my sister and her family. She lives 40 minutes from us. Colin will need to go to a new school. We will try to have therapists visit him at his new home. I am hoping that they are presented as "well-check visits" and that the word "therapy" is avoided at all costs. My son will be in a really nice home that is MUCH better than ours. I am praying for a relatively smooth transition. Stay tuned.....
Jaimie:  I am sorry he didn't make much progress. I hope you will remember that this isn't about your sister being better or having a nicer home. You are his trigger because you are closest to him. I know this from personal, firsthand experience. They may become triggers as well once he lets his guard down. Either way, your family remains in my thoughts daily
Me: Thanks, Jaimee! I agree. I am just so very grateful to have the support system that we have of friends and family. Not everyone has this.
Lisa: I was speaking to our NFB practitioner just yesterday and spoke about you and your husband and what you are doing for your son. I credit you both and want you to know that it is with utter gratitude I watch. My daughter does not have nearly as severe a situation but all of our kids have difficulties they must live with on a daily basis. It is situations like yours that I must believe will be the ones that cause the medical community to really investigate and hopefully come up with more and better solutions. I have to say - the pill solution is not one I embrace in the slightest. I love NFB, CBT a better diet and am now wanting to check into the hypnosis since someone on here mentioned success with that... But will wait until we have done at least 80 sessions of NFB (we haven't even done 40 yet but are close to 30 and there is definitely improvement in how she handles herself even if she doesn't see it.  
Me: I am hoping with time my son will do NFB. I have a person who is on hold for that piece. Sometimes medication is a temporary, necessary evil. The missing piece for us is a child that is willing to accept help. Thanks for your support!
Lisa: My daughter has been reluctant to accept or embrace the tools I am providing her - fortunately she responds to the - "if you do not use the headphones/sound generators/control yourself and make requests politely then you can suffer as YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE how you handle this". She may not have a choice about being born this way and having to deal with it but she has a choice how she deals with it and to me that is the best preparation I can provide her to live as full a life as possible and not be completely isolated or severely limited in her choices as an adult. Fingers crossed for us and prayers being said for your family on a regular basis.
Lorna: You must have an amazing sister . I hope your boy finds some peace there, for as long as he can . Thinking of you. 
Kristina: How does he feel about going there? New school? 
Lesli: Will he see you yet?
Me: I got off the phone a little bit ago with the hospital. The launch went off with just a hiccup. My son kept flip-flopping about going and holed up in his bathroom. He was worried about going to a new school. The social worker talked him down and made our son realize he was in control. When he realized no one was going to forcibly remove him, he got ready and went out with a smile and waved goodbye. Colin was told that we will remain out of the picture unless he wants to see us. I can now breathe! I owe such a debt of gratitude to my sister and her family! I think he will be so spoiled there that he may not ever want to go home. I'm oddly o.k. with that.  

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