Thursday, October 10, 2013

Visit With The Neurologist

 Post to Parent Support Group - Thursday, October 10

Wish I had good news from the Neurologist but I will share our progress so far: Car ride over was 35-40 minutes of pure hell. The kid hates car rides and did not want to leave the house. He was put in the car in his underwear as he refused to get dressed. This is how we brought him in when the doctor was ready to see him. As expected our son was uncooperative to say the least.

My husband & I were asked several questions about my son's history. My son had his eyes looked at and his heart listened to. He refused to be weighed and have his height measured. The doctor is ordering up an MRI (for which my son will have to be sedated) and she wants to have him tested to see if he is on the Autism Spectrum. We do have a psychiatric evaluation scheduled tomorrow. Ride home was equally horrific. I hate torturing my son even though he hates us right now and wants us dead.

Where I see this going: My son will have to be put on medication, and I will be surprised if he is not hospitalized tomorrow after his psychiatric evaluation. If the MRI does not show anything, this will end up being a psychiatric issue. If this is Autism, also psychological / psychiatric.

I have a deeper appreciation for parents of Autistic children as they still don't know what causes it. I had a dose of reality today of what we all face.
I also need to remember that doctors don't appreciate parents that come in with their own diagnosis. I am no longer optimistic that we will get help on the Neurology front.

I have not given up but this is going to be a tough battle on all fronts. I'll keep you posted after the Psychiatrist visit tomorrow.

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