Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Thursday?

Yesterday went fairly smoothly. Other than my brief irritation and rant, I started to feel like we are settling into a "new normal".  I worked late, until 7:00 p.m. due to being a bit backlogged. I am a bit short-staffed and my college-student part-timer was not able to come in until 3:30.

There was a meeting at the high school for parents of Juniors. My husband went after he dropped all three boys off at the Y for swim team practice. He reported a slightly "bumpy" ride but successful "launch".

I was the 8:00 p.m. return trip chauffeur. My eldest rode shot-gun and as usual felt the need to keep control. He would reprimand Colin when his "whining" was audible. No matter how many times I remind my 16 year old that he did not give birth to his brothers, he still acts like a parent. Last night I gave my eldest the nickname of Brother-Mother.... or was it Mother-Brother... ?

When we arrived home from our 5-mile trek, I jumped out of the car and flew into the house to turn off the air conditioner and gave the "all clear"!  Upon entry, Colin was immediately panicked. Dad had his headphones in his car. He called his dad who was 5 minutes from home. Colin turned off the refrigerator and flipped the note to "Off". (we now have a sign system for the fridge to avoid unintended and prolonged outages.) When my husband arrived, Colin grabbed his headphones and turned the fridge back on. The rest of the evening was not noteworthy. I call that a good day.

Thursday Morning

I awoke to hear some rustling around the corner in Colin's bedroom/bathroom that will from this day forward be known as the "B & B". I looked at the clock. It was 6:19 in the morning and the latest he ( & I) have slept in a long time. ( Hubs attributed that to the combination of cross-country then swim practice after school). I looked to see if there was any light coming from under the door (it was dark). I slipped in another note  "Colin, Happy Thursday! I hope you have another good day. - Mom" and went upstairs to get ready.

I was careful to be quiet and use as little water as possible; the older boys were not. In addition to faucets on full blast and flushing the toilet, they were running the bathroom fan. After a heated confrontation that my husband had to help with, the fan was silenced. The "B&B" is directly below the two upstairs bathrooms. There is no way my miso-son did not hear any of this.

After getting dressed and ready for work, I went back down to find my note pushed into the hallway. This was not a good sign. A few moments later, Colin emerged, wrapped in his blanket, headphones on, eyes a-blazing and nostrils flaring. This most certainly was not a good omen.

He flew to the fridge, turned it off and angrily gathered up his breakfast. I looked at my husband and made my exit. Now in the safety of a quiet office, I make my blog entry and wait, with nervous anticipation, to hear how this morning's launch will go.

*fingers crossed*

We are a work-in-progress!!!!!

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