Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend is coming to a close and we got through it!

We are adjusting to our current new-normal which is our son splitting his time in the house between the 1st floor half-bath, where he sleeps on the floor and the basement where he watches t.v.. He seems to be most comfortable hanging out in his underwear, wrapped in a blanket and wearing his noise-dampening head phones.

When we need to run laundry, the dishwasher or the hot water heater for showers, he will volunteer to hang out in my mini van that is parked in the driveway. My husband is working on clearing out our garage to make room for my van. We are also waiting for a new garage door to be installed. Our current one is old and broken. The new one will be extra-thick with insulation so that the garage will be warmer for the winter and a good place for Colin to be able to hang out in my car when he needs to escape the house.

The rages due to neighbors running their lawn mowers have lessened in intensity and duration. Colin was able to watch television in the basement this weekend to help tune this trigger out. Small but noticeable progress.

On the flip-side, the hate for my husband and I seems to be fairly constant now. We need to avoid making eye-contact or conversation so not to enrage our son. I seem to be the most-hated person in the house. Oddly enough, I am fairly calm and o.k. with this for now.  I rather be hated for something that is not my fault than to have this rancor be justified.

The ironic part in all of this is the fact that not too long ago, I was the most beloved by Colin. He was telling me non-stop how much he loved me, much to the annoyance of his dad and brothers. Now the messages of love are replaced with hateful ones.

It has been said there is a fine line between love and hate and sadly it looks like I have crossed that line with my son.

We are a work-in-progress!

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