Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Breakthrough?

 Post to Parent Support Group -  9/16
Just got off the phone with my husband who called to report a possible breakthrough of sorts. My son is usually tense and telling his Dad to "Hurry!" " Go Faster!" on the ride to school. Today, along with his trombone & backpack, he had to bring some giant sponges to class for part of a project. He held the sponges in his hands and may have been squeezing them slightly.

Apparently the sponges made all the difference. He was relaxed and able to have a conversation with his Dad. My husband will buy a few more sponges for the car to see if this works tomorrow.

Has anyone had luck with stress balls or giving your child something to squeeze?
Leslie: That used to help my daughter. IDK if it still does but it was a part of her 504 plan in school.

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