Monday, September 23, 2013

Manic Monday

Thanks to my husband, we were able to cross several items off our Miso To-Do List today.

1. Return the Neurofeedback equipment:

On Saturday, I took my 15 year old son out for some errands and let him pick out some movies to buy at Blockbuster. He picked "Dinner for Schmucks" as the movie we'd watch that night. He also wanted to buy a video game. I said fine, as long as there were no guns or weapons involved. (Great trick to get off cheap. There are no good games for teens without weapons.)

When it was show-time, I got hooked up to the equipment and controlled the screen. For the most part, I did a fairly good job of keeping it large and clear. Unfortunately my miso-son was not interested in watching a movie with us. Not sure what I accomplished other than having to wash my hair to get the electrode-goop out.

We decided that it was best to return the equipment today as to not incur another month of fees. When the time is right, we will just take Colin out to the O.T.'s office to have NFB introduced the right way.

2. Trip to the Pediatrician

Last week Hubs set up an appointment for Colin with our pediatrician. We took my brother's advice and decided to get a physical. The doctor had a chance to read up on Misophonia and after examining out son, he concurred this is most-likely what we are dealing with. The doctor mentioned looking into SSRI drugs and wrote up a prescription to get blood work done as well as ordered a strep-test to rule out Pandas.
The good doctor will speak to some neurologists to find one he can refer us to.

3. Trip to the local satellite office of Children's Hospital

I took the easy job and brought my high school sophomore to a college fair.

My husband and eldest son hauled Colin to the "Close to Home" treatment and testing center. It was a bit of a fight to get my son into the car and then into the center but they were prepared. Afterwards my husband took the boys to Sonic for milkshakes, which makes everything better!

Now we can sit back and wait for results and referrals.

We are a work-in-progress!


  1. I am so glad your pediatrician is taking this seriously. Did you guys have to take any articles or information to him? Our pediatrician brushed it off as Sensory Processing and that he would outgrow it, despite my firsthand knowledge that it gets worse, not better through the teen years.

  2. Originally our pediatrician (speaking through his nurse) was going to refer us to a Psychiatrist for a complete psychiatric exam. My husband requested the doctor call him so they could discuss why we wanted a physical 6 months after my son's last one. I was advised by my brother who is a physician (radiologist) that this would be the first thing he would do.

    I think what helped our case is that our doc had a chance to do some research before our appointment and that we had already been to an audiologist and cognitive behavioral psychologist. I also had spoken with the Psychiatric department at The Ohio State University and was told that Neurology was the way to go. (as opposed to Neuropsych).

    We were fully prepared to switch to another pediatrician if we were brushed off. Thank goodness we were not. We have a pediatric neurologist that is willing to evaluate our son and are waiting for the referral (hopefully today) to be able to make an appointment.

    We can not move fast enough as my son is about a 9 out of 10 on the MAS-1 scale