Friday, September 13, 2013

It's Friday!

I awoke today around 4:45 to rustling from the "B&B". I get up and look around the corner to see light under the door. My miso-child is awake. I wish I had a camera installed so I could see what is going on. Colin fell asleep last night while doing homework in his new humble abode. I'm guessing that he is up early to finish it. I wait 10 minutes before trying to check in. I softly knock and then open the door a crack. My child is standing by the sink and gives me a glare. I gently close the door. There is nothing I can do that won't agitate him.

While yesterday morning seemed to get off to an ominous start, it was not a bad day. Colin made it to school and then cross-country practice after school. My husband picked our son up, took him home for a short time and then onto swim team practice at the Y.  Hubs stayed a short while to observe. The car rides are a bit unsettling, but amazingly, our miso-son seems to transform into a happy child when he hits the water.

After making sure Colin was doing fine, my husband went to Home Depot to buy a slab-door for the doorway between the kitchen and dining room. We are hoping a heavy, sliding door will help abate the humming sound of the refrigerator. This should eliminate at least some of the need to turn it off when Colin is nearby. We are hoping he can have his meals in the dining room in peace and quiet. The door will take some time to prep, paint and install. If all goes well, we will add another door to the other opening between the kitchen and front hall. 

Upon coming home, Colin turned off the fridge and had dinner while my hubs and eldest son brought in the heavy slab from the mini-van. I was in the dining room on my laptop and happened to glance up at my son while he was opening the refrigerator door. He squinted his eyes and glared at me. AWESOME. He hates me now.

As I was getting ready to watch the 10:00 news from my current sofa/bed in the family room, I passed by the "B&B" and noticed it was dark. I had Hubs check and he found Colin standing up, slumped over the sink counter, sleeping. He coaxed our son into a more suitable position on the floor.

We are curious why our son sometimes tries to sleep standing up. I did an internet search and found that it is impossible to get good R.E.M. sleep this way. When truly asleep, humans relax their muscles, making an upright sleeping position unlikely.

I am starting to wonder if my son is not human anymore. Has he been replaced by an alien clone? That would explain a lot. Nothing else seems to make sense right now......

We are a work-in-progress!

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